Updated: Wednesday afternoon, June 26th (local time)

Brief Overview: Solid, long period SSW swell will build in through Thursday afternoon before gradually easing Friday. A new, long period SW swell will gradually build through Saturday as the old SSW swell fades.

THURSDAY 27th: New SSW swell (205-215 degrees) builds through the afternoon; best/cleanest/biggest on the tide push through mid to late morning
Keramas: Well overhead with sets to double overhead+ with the tide push/building swell by late morning/early afternoon. Larger waves likely through the afternoon, although tide dependent.
Canggu: Solid double to triple overhead and maxed out by the afternoon.
Wind: Light+ offshore wind in the morning.  Gradually building SSW/S wind late morning and strongest in the afternoon 7-11kts.
Tides: 0.5L 6AM, 2.5H 1PM, 0.1L 7PM

FRIDAY 28th: SSW swell (205-215 degrees) gradually fades
Keramas: Overhead up to double overhead, strongest in the later morning on the tide push.
Canggu: Double up to triple overhead and maxed out.
Wind: Light/variable in the early morning.  Light to moderate onshore ESE/SE in the afternoon.
Tides: 0.6L 7AM, 2.3H 1PM, 0.3L 8PM

SATURDAY 29th: SSW swell (205-215 degrees) fades as new SW swell (215-225) builds
Keramas: Head high to a few overhead. Larger sets on the best tides.
Canggu: Overhead to double overhead+.
Wind: Light/variable in the early morning. Building onshore wind mid morning and moderate to strong onshore ESE/SE in the afternoon.
Tides: 0.6L 8AM, 2.3H 2PM, 0.5L 9PM
Swell/Surf Outlook

Solid, long period SSW swell (205-215 degrees) will build through the afternoon on Thursday the  before gradually easing on Friday. Look for quickly building surf throughout the morning with the tide push with set waves running from well overhead to double overhead+ and likely larger sets on the best tides. Friday will remain solid but gradually easing through the day.

Beyond that, we have yet another long period SW swell (215-225) lining up to build on Saturday before peaking Sunday as the above swell fades. Head high to well overhead surf will continue on Saturday as a result.

WIND/WEATHER: A weak pressure gradient will be in place through Thursday as an area of low pressure moves to the south/southeast of Bali. Wind will be light+ offshore in the morning, with light side/onshore flow beginning to build late morning and becoming moderate by the afternoon. Stronger trades/onshore flow are forecast to develop Friday afternoon and especially Saturday. Stay tuned and see the day by day breakdown above for more specific info.