In an effort to provide the best platform possible for the world’s best surfers, the 2013 Oakley Pro Bali will have the daily option to choose between either running heats at Keramas or Canggu, depending on which venue offers up the most favorable conditions.


Although the wave-rich lineups of Bali have been well known to surfers for decades, it was only within the past five to 10 years that some of the focus has moved away from the famed lefts of the Bukit peninsula to the more progressive rights of Keramas. Located on Bali’s eastern shore and once considered a secret spot, the veil over Keramas was lifted in 2003 when a road leading to the black-sand lineup was built. Currently regarded as one of the most progressively suited waves in Bali, Keramas seamlessly mixes both barrels and punty sections alike, consistently drawing some of the most talented surfers in the world to its shoreline. All of this leads to one dying revelation: If there’s one wave that can keep step with the current state of progressive WT surfing, it’s surely Keramas.


As versatile as it progressive, the lineup at Canggu picks up a variety of swell and offers up both very rippable rights and lefts. For decades, both visiting and local surfers alike flocked to Canggu for its mouth-watering lineups and relaxed beach town vibe. Situated on Bali’s western coast and surrounded by a host of homestays, hotels, andwarungs offering up a perfect place to chill after an all-day session, it’s no wonder Canggu consistently attracts a wealth of the world’s best surfers. As a competitive venue, the rippable lineups at Canggu will undoubtedly see the world’s best surfers raising the collective bar once again.