The Oakley Pro Bali can run at two event sites – Keramas Rivermouth and Canggu Beachbreak. Keramas Rivermouth is the primary venue and is located on Bali’s east coast approximately 20 kms by coastal highway north of Sanur. Canggu is located on Bali’s west coast and is approximately 30 kms west of Sanur. Drive time from Saur to Keramas is approximately 30 minutes when traffic is flowing smoothly. Drive time to Canggu can vary a lot depending on traffic, 1 to 2 hours from Sanur is normal.

How Do You Know Which Beach To Go To?
You will need to check the Oakley Pro Bali website daily. Every morning the day’s schedule will be posted. The Oakley Pro Bali is a world championship ASP event and has a 12 day window to run – June 18 to June 29, however it will most likely run across the 4, 5 or 6 best days of surf within this waiting period. Every morning the Oakley Pro Bali website will regularly inform everyone about the day’s schedule.

Where Is The Best Accommodation for this event?
We suggest Sanur as the best place to stay because there’s a lot of accommodation options along with evening restaurants and general amenities. It is also a straightforward drive from Sanur to the primary event site at Keramas Rivermouth.

Kuta is another option with even more accommodation choices. Kuta is closer to the secondary site at Canggu, but a little further away from the primary site at Keramas (it’s approximately a 1-hour drive from Kuta to Keramas in traffic). The traffic in Kuta can be extreme.

Opening Press Conference
Accredited Media may attend the opening press conference at 5:00 pm on June 17, which will run poolside at the Komune Resort. The Komune is located at the Keramas Rivermouth event site. Surfers attending the opening press conference include Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson, Jordy Smith, Adriano De Souza and WCT rookie Sebastian Zietz. Questioning at the press conference will be controlled by the Media Managers.

Press Room At the Event
Accredited Media may utilize the press room, but you must have your media pass at all times. The Media Room will have wireless internet for press along with some work stations and refreshments. You can work from the press room or use the press room to relax and escape the heat and sun. Security will be present at all times, but we do not provide lock up areas for equipment so do not leave valuable equipment unattended.

Access to Surfers
Access to surfers is strictly controlled and the protocols must be followed. Post Heat Conferences with winners are held in a forum style and only accredited media will be allowed into the inner circle interview area. Questions are allocated by a media manager during these sessions.

The sessions run up to 25 minutes, but if the surfer is required to surf again on the same day these sessions may be reduced to 15 minutes. Losing surfers are sometimes available by request and on case-by-case basis.

Athlete Interview Requests
One-on-one athlete interviews are possible, but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and need to fit in and around a very flexible contest schedule. Requests need to be put through the media managers who will follow up.

Surfers Area
This is a no-go zone unless accompanied by a media manager and only under special circumstances.