Night Surfing Party at Keramas

Thursday, June 20, 2013


  • Bruce Roots

    what what no comments!? Thank you Oakley, because of you guys I get a glimpse at paradise through your site! What an amazing event in such a beautiful place! Those are some incredible shots of the guys ripping at night! Spot lights and airs! This goes out to the Miami Heat back to back Champs, and Kelly getting his twelfth title!!!! Florida, there is something in the water down there!
    Thank you and Much Love,
    Bruce Roots

  • TCB

    I concur with Bruce Roots. Those shots are unique and very cool. Go John-John.

    -Brent Davey

  • Astrid

    Hell’s YES this is totally rad. Pics looks amazing, and love how sharp everything looks with the contrasts. Choice contest so far and stoked you’re doing your bit for the community too. Come on Kelly. Don’t ever quit brother. Bring it home this year!

  • pumpkineater

    seabass* not bruce irons in the photos

    • Riggsy

      Luxottica doesn’t even know it’s own team riders.

  • Bronson

    Amazing images, especially when only the waters hue is the only colour in the frame.

  • Jack

    anyone other than oakley team riders out there?

  • DR

    What a unique event I can feel the energy all the way up here in north central California Really stoked to have one of our own Santa Cruz boys on tour have fun boys Night surfing is an awesome thing

  • Estrela do Mar

    Great party and night surfing. I just wanted to say that the pro surfers/ sponsoring brands should use all this huge energy, visibility and $$ involved, to support an environmental cause..specially, of course, those involving the oceans (acidification, rising levels, trash..). I really hope that this shows can continue at 100%, specially in paradises like Bali, for my grandsons to watch it! A new event format should be thinked.

  • Roberto

    great event, but I think we should not mesclar sport with liquor and cigarettes “