The John John 10

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This deserves a highlight all on its own.


  • zarolho

    Fix the on demand.

  • SDHI


  • yidish

    yes please fix the on demand all the other contests killed it, Oakley dont let us down!

  • backYARD

    ahah the day 1 highlights was so bad.

  • Scott Woodruff

    On demand will be better tomorrow. Technical difficulties down there today made it literally impossible to do. Live feed was amazing, and will be great again tomorrow. Thanks for watching and your feedback.

    • backYARD

      thanks for the update. happens sometimes, but try to improve the highlights. don’t understand the wave choice.

  • jt

    How about fixing that echo feedback loop in the interviews. I watch with no audio, its ingratiating. How come no one has mentioned that????

  • LosttsoL

    Should have ran the contest earlier when it was cleaner. Hopefully you’ll get an earlier start the next time it’s a go.

  • aussie22

    man I miss Keramas when there were no crowds and tools surfing there. Guess I am too old for crowds…

  • Samuel

    Go to redbull tv and watch day 1 in it’s entirety on demand here –

    Oakley, get it together man.

  • Gus

    Fix it asap or else………….

  • Peps

    Get on Jon Jon Full on Swoooooooop Loop!!

  • bonbons


  • Juan Cristobal Jelambi

    When is the next call ? time ?

  • Mercé

    Insane air by John John, but would have been way cooler without the claim!

    • ben

      how could you not claim that?! It was possible the coolest air I’ve ever seen :)

    • Pensar

      Are you kidding? Who are you to determine if JJ can claim or not? If you knew anything about JJ you’d know that he almost never claims. The fact that he claimed only made this better!

    • Mauricio Massa

      One HAS to claim something like this.

    • Mauricio Massa

      Actually that wasn’t even a claim… it was a CELEBRATION…

  • Coby

    Anyone know when the next call time is Please?

  • Luis

    Excellent air, but not the biggest ever. Kelly has two great contenders: the one at New York during The Search, and that other one at Bells… Both huge and both perfect 10′s as well

    • Matt

      Are you serious the height of this air is just unbelievable. Both of Kelly’s waves were air reverses and into the flat. John John had perfect transition. Not trying to go after the King but John John’s was better. Go time it to check it out yourself

      • Robstercraw

        Im sorry but if you compare the one at Bells and this JJ one, Kelly completely blew it away. JJ’s is a much less gutsy wave. No camparison whatsoever. Great maneuver but not even close to the bells reverse.

        • Matt

          Don’t forget kelly was landing in the flats too, not on a ramp on one of the easiest “air waves” in the world.

          With that said, JJF is one of the best in the world, no doubt.

        • Chris

          Robstercraw is Sean Slater on twitter. I understand brotherly love, but you’re delusional. I appreciate both airs, but the technicality and functionality of John’s air is superior. Case in point is that he used it to clear a section; Kelly’s bells air was a Hail Mary.

        • Goody

          Mate stop talking shit have you surfed it…..naaahhhh didn’t think so

        • tomk76

          Folks that don’t realize how much more difficult a full-rotation, no grab f/s 360 air is than an alley-oop, have probably never attempted either of them, let alone landed ‘em, eh Robster?;) Nothing taken away from JJF, that thing was all-time and deserved, but people gotta study up on their Physics 101.:D

      • Robstercraw

        Time it? Really. This didn’t even compare, Totally different deal.

  • Paul Barrington

    Dang im just happy oakley stepped up to sponsor a ct event when everyone else just cocks it up… The way things are going in the surfing world were lucky to have a webcast at all….. Everyone always slates the webcasts and moans and groans… But lets face it!!! ITS FREE…. Dont forget that… And lets also be thankful that Turpel isnt in the commentary booth… That guy really does make me want to complain…. p.s Oakley im available to commentate on a few heats as the Boardmasters in newquay is cancelled…. fancy flying me out..???? ;-)

  • Mauricio Massa

    He uses FUWAX…. The wax in the WORLD.

  • Blaaaady Pom

    Never been to Hawaii but believe in aloha. Can’t get too upset about technical glitches, the contest organizers would be on to it. It’s a new venue and a fairly new broadcast medium. Snags are gonna happen. We get no coverage on TV in the UK. None. Webcasts are a godsend. Grateful to be getting pictures of the greatest past-time on earth for nothing. The slow-motion feature is sick too, especially for the Florence and Toledo magic tricks.

    P.s. I don’t work for Oakley: I work for “the Man”- and after watching these pictures and Fiji I’m thinking of STICKING it to him ;0D

    • Matt

      Its not a new venue and its far from a new broadcast medium. I remember watching pipe masters over 10+ years ago on webcast. This venue hosts the jr pros every year and its a webcast too, they should have their act together.

      • sumbagsteve

        ^^ Yeah these guys aren’t volunteers, they’re paid to do webcast and they’re not doing their fucking job properly.

  • Robert Tucker

    what a nut

  • Chad Towersey

    Reminds me of the one AI did at Snappa in the Expression Session. I think it was 2004.

  • Rob Goodell
    • Matt

      30 seconds of a commercial before viewing? use youtube hippy

      • JDL

        use adblock plus hippy

        • Matt

          You sir deserve an internet cookie, thanks for the heads up on this.

  • Rob Goodell

    Everything is amzing and nobody is happy

  • Diz

    YEAH Oakley putting it down as one of the best events on tour already, get over the glitches in the website it was the first day of comp, ther are always going to be some problems you stupid kooks

    • scumbagsteve

      You’re a kook becuase the website is still fucked 3 days later. #betyouareabooger

  • shaba

    couch kooks in here.

  • Snowy

    Not a fan of awarding perfect 10′s for one manoeuvre unless it’s a barrel competition like Tahiti, Fiji, Pipe.
    Though hats off to JJ its a massive punt and deserved a high score. but single manoeuvre, max score 9-9.5.

    • Mauro

      Agree with that…

  • surferdiddlyNorway

    Snowy: ofc its a perf 10, everybody can barrel, but not everybody can do airs.. its all about developing mixing old school to new school.

    • Snowy

      You’ve missed the point! And not everyone can correctly ride a barrel, a lot more involved than just standing there, and head dips don’t count!

  • TruthBtold..

    Comparing JJF and Kelly’s Air is silly. Both airs are terminally sick! They both have distinct flavor for what they are. Just plain silly to say one is better than the other. End discussion now!!

    • Robstercraw


  • Los Tubos P.R.

    Landing big airs will = big scores, the future is here, with the classic moves in the mix, pushing surf contest to the limit, people get ready to see greatness.

  • rob

    anyone know what type of surf wax he uses? best air in competition for sure

  • Victor Necho

    Need to know the wax you are using JJ !! Really!

  • Pedro

    its not about the wax, its about the motion

  • klan

    its not about the wax its the white power

  • grapsta

    Julians air earlier was pretty sick too

  • T

    He uses Monkey Grip organic wax. You can get it in Bali on the beach at Kuta and or Astro’s Bar, Kuta. Local surf wax.

  • marqui

    what song is playing for this its killer? mad keggers aye!!!!!

  • Earlofcurl

    It’s a kasha ian song, second album I think, maybe their first

  • Earlofcurl

    Dam auto correct, kasabian

  • Tina

    What’s the height of this? fricken INSANE!